AT&T Internet Plans (With Entertainment & Data Volume)

AT&T brings convenient internet plans for its customers. It offers reliable and affordable internet bundles in Directv and Solo. These plans are customizable.

Why Select AT&T Internet Plans?

  • AT&T Internet plans come in different combos. You can select your favorite combo to enjoy TV with internet and TV or the internet in solo.
  • AT&T brings customizable plans at affordable prices. You can customize a plan to select the internet with your favorite TV channels. It gives you flexible choices. Furthermore, the price is never high to go beyond your affordability.
  • The internet speed in all AT&T internet plans is incredibly faster. You get the same speed for downloading and uploading.
  • With WiFi gateway, you can connect any WiFi-enabled tablet, PC, TV, mobile, and laptop with it.
  • AT&T Internet is available nationwide.
  • It allows you to stream on up to 5 devices without affecting the speed. So, your whole family can enjoy watching videos with one device.
  • Avail discount offers and promotions to save your money. Unlike other telecom service providers, AT&T brings lots of discount offers for students, active-duty military personnel and other people. Furthermore, it offers “customer-only” rewards programs and special deals on entertainment, music, dining and a lot more.

AT&T Internet & DirecTV Plans

Package Price 🏷️ Channels Data 📶 Speed Duration
AT&T DirecTV Plan $89.99/month Action & Entertainment, Sports, News, Kids & Pop Unlimited 100 Mbps 12/24 months

Terms & Conditions

  • The speed varies in different regions. In covered areas, you get the fastest wireless and wired internet up to 100 Mbps.
  •  In the first 12-months, you get $100 in AT&T Visa Reward Cards.
  • In the first 12 months, you pay $89.99/month whereas; for the next 12 months, you pay $10/month extra.
  • The offer ends on 01/9/2020.
  • Save $5 by paying online.

AT&T $40 Internet Plan

AT&T offers a convenient internet plan for users at $40. it brings lots of data volume along with entertainment channels. Check the details below.

Package Price 🏷️ Channels Data 📶 Speed Duration
AT&T $40 $40/month Action & Entertainment, Sports, News, Kids & Pop 1TB 100 Mbps 12/24 months

Terms & Conditions

  • The company charges $10/month for an additional 50GB data. You can avail of this add-on up to $100/month only.
  • It has limited availability in various regions of the US.
  • Before payment, check availability online Here.
  • The downloading and uploading speed varies between 768K and 100M.
  • If you bundle it with DirecTV, U-Verse TV or AT&T Phone, you pay $180 ETF.
  • If you consume an internet bundle before the expiry of the plan, maintain other services to avail advertised prices.
  • In the first 12 months, you pay $40 whereas; in the next 12 months, you will pay $19/month qualifying SVC and $10/month for equipment fee.

Select All-Included Plan

This plan includes internet and TV channels for your whole family. All renowned TV channels are available at a discount price for the first three months. You can avail them for some more months by paying some more money. Check the details below.

Package Price 🏷️ Channels Incentives Data 📶 Speed Duration
AT&T $59.99 $59.99/month 155 Channels Disney, Nick, USA,tbs, HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime Free for 3 months Unlimited 100 Mbps 12/24 months

Terms & Conditions

  • In the first three months, you get all the renowned TV channels for free. You can avail them for next month by paying $53.99/month.
  • The TV service automatically renews if you don’t cancel or change it. You can request it by phone or by text.
  • The price is valid for the first 12 months only.
  • If you pay online, you can pay the advertised price. Otherwise, you pay $64.99/month.

AT&T Internet Plans

These plans include internet packages only. These are the best for those who love online gaming, downloading and streaming. Check them below.

Package Price 🏷️ Download Speed No. of Devices Data 📶 Best for Duration
Internet Basic 5 $40/month Up to 5 Mbps 1-3 1TB Light browsing, streaming, sharing 12/24 months
Internet 100 $40/month Up to 100 Mbps 4-12 1TB HD streaming, Heavy sharing, gaming 12/24 months
Internet 300 $40/month Up to 300 Mbps 12-13 1TB Competitive Gaming, Telecommuting, large file sharing, 12/24 months
Internet 1000 $60/month Up to 1,000 Mbps 12-13 Unlimited All family online activities 12/24 months

Terms & Conditions

  • The download speed for the internet 1000 package is usually up to 940 Mbps in some regions.
  • Speed varies in different regions of the US.
  • For Internet Basic 5, you pay a minimum of $19/month for equipment fees.


How can I check the availability of any plan for my region?
To check the availability of any offer in your area, click Here.
I am looking for an upgrade, how can I do it?
Call to 1-800-331-0500 to get an upgrade to wireless service.
I am an existing customer. How can I get information about billing and technical support?
Visit the AT&T support center or call at helpline (1-800-331-0500).
How much discount the military officers, veterans, and spouses get?
Military personnel gets a 15% discount on all services.
What kind of customer-only reward programs AT&T offers to its customers?
AT&T offers entertainment, dining, music and many other customer-only rewards to customers.