Vodafone Pay-As-You-Go Plans: Triple Data & Total Rollover Bundles

Vodafone UK offers lots of flexible data plans, call and text plan to UK customers. The most wanted plans among them are the “Pay-As-You-Go.” These bundles bring Triple Data, Total Rollover, VeryMe Rewards, and Roaming services for customers. Furthermore, you are eligible to switch your bundle any time to another one.

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Let me explain about all these incentives before moving to the packages.

Triple Data

Triple Data means 3 times more data in a bundle. If you subscribe for a 10GB data bundle, it brings 30GB instead of 10GB for you.

Total Rollover

It transfers your unused call minutes, SMS and data volume to your new “Pay-as-you-go” bundle and you can use them within the next 30 days. Total Rollover is allowed only once in a bundle.

Terms & Conditions

  • If you renew Pay-As-You-Go bundle early than 30 days, you aren’t eligible for Total Rollover.
  • You can’t avail it if you switch plan.
  • It doesn’t renew automatically after 30 days.

VeryMe Rewards

Vodafone offers these rewards on a weekly basis. These rewards bring lots of high-street discounts, cinema tickets and many other rewards. You avail it in PAYG plans for free.


You can use the PAYG plan while roaming in all EU countries. While using your PAYG plan in roaming, you can text, call and browse the internet without paying additional charges.

Pay-As-You-Go Plans

Package Price 🏷️ Minutes 🤙 Texts 📩 Data 📶 Incentives Validity 📲 Activation/Deactivation
£10 Bundle £10 250 Unlimited 9GB Roaming, Triple Data, VeryMe Rewards 31 Jan 2020 Call to 191
£15 Bundle £15 250 Unlimited 15GB Roaming, Triple Data, VeryMe Rewards 31 Jan 2020 Call to 191
£20 Bundle £20 1000 Unlimited 30GB Roaming, Triple Data, VeryMe Rewards 31 Jan 2020 Call to 191
£30 Bundle £30 3000 Unlimited 60GB Roaming, Triple Data, VeryMe Rewards 31 Jan 2020 Call to 191

Terms & Conditions

  • Triple Data offer is valid only before 31 January 2020.
  • In £30 Plan, you get 5G data speed.
  • Data speed varies according to your region.
  • Minutes are valid only for UK mobiles and landline numbers starting from 01, 02 and 03.
  • If you get an entertainment package, you will pay for it separately.


What is TripleData?
Company awards you Triple Data if you activate SIM before 31 January 2020 23:59 PM. If you get a bundle for 10GB, in Triple Data reward, you get 30GB.
I am an existing customer. How can I get Triple Data?
Type “TRIPLEDATA” and send it to 49500 before the deadline to get Triple Data for 30 days.
Can I use PAYG in my existing number?
Yes, you can use it. Bring your SIM to Vodafone franchise and get connected to Pay-As-You-Go.
How much does it cost to use a PAYG while roaming?
You pay no extra money while using PAYG during roaming in 48 EU destinations. It’s completely free to text, call or browse.
How can I top-up to my mobile?
Use “My Vodafone” app to top up and manage your account. You can also call 2345 to top up. Type “TOPUP <AMOUNT> <Last four digits of card>” and send it to 2345. It will be like “TOPUP 10 7865” to top up £10.
How can I check my balance?
Dial *#1345# from your phone to see the remaining balance. Call 2345 to check balance.
How can I keep my PAYG number active?
Use it for at least for one activity in 180 days to keep it active. You can use it for SMS, Call or browsing.