Vodafone Broadband Deals for Home Users: Superfast, Gigacube & GigaFast Plans

Besides mobile data packages, Vodafone offers some very affordable broadband deals for home users. These deals vary in price and speed. In some broadband plans, you get unlimited internet in the 5G network. Various plans are available at discount for existing customers. Some plans come with a free installation facility. Let’s have a look at all the broadband deals of Vodafone for home users.

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Superfast Plans

These plans allow you to connect smart devices with it to control your home completely.  Your entire family can use smart apps. While staying at home, you can get help from Google Assistant and Nest security when you are away. These plans allow you to make video calls, watch videos and listen to music by using a built-in Chromecast.

These plans come with unlimited broadband usage. You can select at least 18 months plan in Superfast offers. Below are the details of these packages.

Package Price 🏷️ Upfront Data 📶 Incentives Validity 📲 Speed
Superfast 1 £24/month £0 Unlimited WiFi-Hub, 6 months free F-Secure SAFE 18 Months 25/35 Mbps
Superfast 2 £28/month £0 Unlimited WiFi-Hub, 6 months free F-Secure SAFE 18 Months 55/63 Mbps

Gigacube Plans

Vodafone brings some very economic plans for home users who don’t want to use incentives like smart devices with broadband. All GigaCube plans come with 5G. You can reduce buffering by using 5G speed. All devices come with Plug & Play feature. Every plan allows you to connect up to 64 devices quickly to enjoy a 5G network. You can select a flexible plan between 18 months and 30-day rolling offers. 5G ensures downloading everything in seconds. Check the details of the plans below.

Package Price 🏷️ Upfront Data 📶 Validity 📲
Unlimited Plan £50/month £50 Unlimited/month 18 Months
Unlimited Plan £50/month £325 Unlimited/month 30 Days
200GB Plan £50/month £40 200GB/month 18 Months
200GB Plan £40/month £325 200GB/month 30 Days
100GB Plan £30/month £100 100GB 18 Months
100GB Plan £30 £325 100GB 30 Days

GigaFast Plans

Vodafone offers 3 Gigafast plans in this category. All the plans come with different downloading speeds. These bundles are very useful for downloading games and multimedia files on various devices. Even you can download a 100GB game in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee. Your whole family can stream their desired movies and games at the same it.

These plans bring cloud-based storage. You can upload videos and photos in a cloud that has 32GB of storage space. These packages come with a Parental Control app to keep your children away from adult content and social networking sites.

Package Price 🏷️ Upfront Data 📶 Incentives Speed Validity 📲
Gigafast Broadband 100 £28/month £0 Unlimited/month Wi-Fi Hub, 6-Months Free trial F-Secure SAFE 100 Mbps 18 Months
Gigafast Broadband 500 £28/month £0 Unlimited/month Wi-Fi Hub, 6-Months Free trial F-Secure SAFE 500 Mbps 18 Months
Gigafast Broadband 900 £48/month £0 200GB/month Wi-Fi Hub, 6-Months Free trial F-Secure SAFE 900 Mbps 18 Months

Terms & Conditions

  • If you are using Pay Monthly mobile, you will pay £22 instead of £24 every month in Superfast 1.
  • In Superfast 2, you pay £26 instead of £28 if you already got a Pay Monthly mobile.
  • You pay the bill via Direct Debit.
  • A VAT is included in the given price.
  • Vodafone doesn’t charge a fee for Router.
  • It doesn’t include the line rental.
  • If you have no BT Openreach line at the current address, an upfront fee of £60 will be applicable.


Can I download from Netflix, HBO, and YouTube channels
Yes, you can use unlimited data.
How to top-up to my mobile?
Use “My Vodafone” app to top up and manage your account. You can also call 2345 to top up. Type “TOPUP <AMOUNT> <Last four digits of card>” and send it to 2345. It will be like “TOPUP 10 7865” to top up £10.
How can I check whether my area is covered or not?
You can use the Coverage Checker tool from Here.
What is WiFi calling?
Vodafone offers WiFi calling for its users. You can use it easily to receive calls or SMS at any location. However, the location should be covered by WiFi.
How can I set up WiFi Calling?
First, click here to check whether your phone supports WiFi calling or not. Now, enable WiFi calling in your handset and connect to the WiFi network to use the calling or SMS feature.
Can I subscribe to two or multiple internet plans?
Yes, you can use two plans at the same time.
How can I check my balance?
Dial *#1345# from your phone to see the remaining balance. Call 2345 to check the balance.
Often I am unable to make or receive a call. What to do?
Turn off your device and turn it on again. Check the “Network Status Check” given Here to know any network coverage issues.