Lycamobile UK Pay As You Go Bundles [Nationwide & International]

Lycamobile offers a variety of call, text, and internet packages for users. It is immensely popular among all users due to its affordable calling rates. It offers some incredibly cheap international calling bundles starting from 1p/minute. Some packages are for 30 days and some offers come with the “Pay as you go” option. It means you will be charged low rates for some particular international destinations if you are using a specific “Pay as you go” bundle.

UK Call (Pay As You Go)

If you are not using a 30-days bundle, you will be charged Lycamobile standard charges under this bundle. For calling on any mobile in the UK, you will be charged 19p/minute and for landline calls, Lycamobile will charge you 12p/minute. See the complete details of this bundle below.

Voice Call Rates Voicemail Rates Calls to Special Rate Numbers SMS Rates MMS Rates Internet Rates
19p/minute to UK mobile numbers, 12p/minute to UK landline numbers Free 23p/minute access charges and service charges 19p/SMS Not available 12p/MB

Lycamobile International

These bundles start from 1p and go up to 19p. These bundles are applicable to South Asian countries, Turkey, the US, Poland, and Romania. See the details of these bundles below.

Country Calls to Mobile Calls to Landline Text Message
China 3p/minute 1p/minute 19p/message
India 2p/minute 2p/minute 19p/message
Ireland 19p/minute 7p/minute 19p/message
Italy 19p/minute 7p/minute 19p/message
Pakistan 8p/minute 8p/minute 19p/message
Poland 5p/minute 1p/minute 19p/message
Romania 5p/minute 1p/minute 19p/message
Sri Lanka 15p/minute 12p/minute 19p/message
Turkey 12p/minute 3p/minute 19p/message
United States 6p/minute 6p/minute 19p/message


I am a new user. I don’t know how to receive Lycamobile offers and promotions.
Type Yes and send it to 3232 to get promotions and offers.
Why my details are asked for Lycamobile services?
Your details are asked for registration. When you get registered to Lycamobile, you get many facilities such as auto top-up, itemized bill collection, and updating personal info, etc.
How can I register my new SIM?
Open the Lycamobile site and go to the SIM Registration section. Don’t forget to get the PUK code that has been provided on the SIM card.
Do you consider a planned purchase as a top-up?
No, plan purchasing is a different thing.
When I get £2 free credit?
When you register your SIM, you get £2 free credit. Don’t top-up immediately after registration.
Do you offer handsets too?
No, Pay-Monthly plans come with only a SIM card. There are no handset offers at the moment.
Do you offer contract plans for 24 months?
No, currently, Lycamobile offers only Pay-as-you-go plans.
I have credit in my account. When I try to make a call, it says that I don’t have sufficient balance. Why is it happening?
When your balance goes below a certain level, Lycamobile’s automated system will let you know about it. That’s why you get this error message. Redial the same number if you get an error message for the first time. The error will not appear again.
I have sufficient balance in my SIM, but I am unable to subscribe to a plan. Why?
It may be due to an active data connection. Don’t enable the data connection while subscribing to a plan.

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  1. How i can apply for a bundle, i have 15 pound on my credit, but it says im not allowed a boundle. I want to have a free calls to europe

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