How to Recharge Lycamobile Online and By Voucher in UK

Recharging your mobile account is important to avoid unpleasant situations. Sometimes, you need credit for an urgent call and your account balance is less than 1 rupee. So, you face a critical situation. If you are using Lycamobile in the UK, here are some useful methods to recharge your mobile account. Go through the guide completely to get handy information regarding your Lycamobile account recharge.

Lycamobile offers prepaid services across the UK. You need to recharge your mobile in advance to use its services without facing an unpleasant condition. Once, you have credited your mobile you can use it to get your desired packages. Lycamobile does not issue a statement or alert message to let you know regarding the used credit. You need to check the credit now and then to avoid an unpleasant situation.

How to Top-up Lycamobile in the UK?

There are different ways to recharges Lycamobile in the UK. You can recharge your account online; by purchasing a top-up voucher or by using the auto top-up service. Let’s discuss all these methods in detail so that everybody could understand all of them.

Recharge Online

You can recharge your account online by using the official website of Lycamobile. For this purpose, you need to activate your mobile account first. Go to the Official site of Lycamobile UK.

  • Create your mobile account by using Lycamobile number and recharge as much as you prefer.
  • It is not a one-time solution. You can use it whenever you need a recharge.

Quick Top-Up

Lycamobile offers another online recharge option that is known as a quick top-up. This option does not require a mobile account. You can quickly recharge your account within a few seconds. Go to the “Lycamobile Checkout.

  1. Add your mobile number in the given field and add the top-up amount. You can top-up between £5 and £100. Remember that you will get free credit if you recharge your account with £20+.
  2. Add a bundle if you want to use a particular call, data or SMS package and hit “Proceed” option.
  3. It will take you to the page where you need to add your debit or credit card number.

Automatic Recharge

Lycamobile brings automatic recharge option for you if you prefer to use debit/credit card for recharge your mobile. You need to go through a one-time setup for automatic recharge. It will recharge your mobile account to a predetermined balance if the account balance drops below a preset value.

  1. For this purpose, create an account on Lycamobile official site and go to the “Automatic Recharge” option.
  2. Fill the required fields and provide all required information.
  3. You need to add the desired amount you want to automatically add to your mobile account and determine the minimum account balance required to transfer preset amount.
  4. For example, if you want to top-up £20 when your mobile balance is below £2, you need to set these values to the given fields.
  5. Now, add your number and other details and save the changes. That’s it, guys. It works like magic for the people who want to in touch with all their loved ones via mobile phone.

By Using Voucher

You can use a voucher that is available in different shops in the UK. The voucher contains a particular number hidden under silver coating.

  1. Buy a voucher card from a retailer store and scratch it.
  2. Dial 321 from your Lycamobile number or dial 92# and press call.
  3. Now, follow the automated instructions and enter the secret code on a voucher card to your mobile account.

Note: A voucher allows you to recharge up to £50.


For how much time, my top-up is valid to use?
Every top-up expires within 90 days from the recharge date.
I am trying to use an online “top-up” option, but the page shows an error. What to do now?
Lycamobile’s official site is particularly compatible with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. So, don’t use Opera or Firefox, etc. Generally, the users face this problem when they use any other browser rather than Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
I want to top-up my Lycamobile account by using PayPal. Does it work?
Of course, it works very well. Using a debit/credit card works instantly, but PayPal transaction takes a few minutes. So, you need to have some patience for about 10 minutes once you have used an online top-up option by PayPal.
How can I use my debit or credit card for mobile recharge?
You need to add the desired details to your account online. Dial 321 that is helpline number and an automated voice response will direct you further.