Giffgaff UK Pay-As-You Go Plans + Extras

Besides Pay-Monthly plans, Giffgaff also offers some Pay-As-You-Go deals for UK users. In PAYG plan, you don’t pre-pay for calling minutes, SMS and data volume. Moreover, PAYG plans don’t bring a full all-in-one bucket for you. Giffgaff charges you for every minute/SMS and MB. However, PAYG prices are incredibly lower. These plans are perfect for users who don’t use mobile phone services frequently. They can select any PAYG plan to call/SMS or use data seldom.

Check below the PAYG rates for calls, SMS and data.

Category Rates
Mobile Data 5p/MB
Calls to UK Mobile/Landline 15p/min
Calls to Numbers Starting 070 15p/min
SMS to UK Mobile/Landline 15p/min
Voicemail (443) 8p/call
Calls to Numbers Starting 0800, 0808 Free
Calls to Giffgaff Numbers Free

Giffgaff Extras

In this category, Giffgaff brings some very attractive offers for existing users and new customers. These offers include low-cost international minutes, and SMS, etc. Check details of Extras here.

Category Rates
MMS to UK Numbers (Including Giffgaff and other networks) 16p/MMS
Video calls to Other Networks 50p/Min
Calls to the numbers starting 084, 087, 09, 118 25p/Min + Service Charges
Access Charge Service 20p/Min, 20p/SMS
Landline Numbers Starting from 07 10p to £1.50/SMS
Receiving Premium SMS (price set by the service provider) Up to £10/SMS
Calls to mobile shortcodes (as advised by the service provider) Free to £5/Min

Terms & Conditions

  • PAYG rates change every year in March.
  • Calling rates to Giffgaff and other networks are different.
  • You can stop using any service anytime.
  • International SMS and minutes are for 40 destinations only.
  • These rates are not valid during EU roaming.
  • Data speed varies in all regions of the UK.

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I don't know exactly which data plan I should select. How to estimate?
You can calculate a perfect data plan by using our guide Here.
I am a new Giffgaff user. How to contact Giffgaff helpline?
Giffgaff doesn’t have an active helpline currently. You can visit this page to get assistance.
How long I can use a PAYG plan?
You can use as long as you want. These are standard rates if you don’t subscribe to a SIM-Only plan.
How to activate for a PAYG international plan?
If you don’t activate a SIM-Only monthly plan, you are automatically a PAYG user. You don’t need to subscribe to any Pay-As-You-Go Plan.
Does a Giffgaff SIM fit in my phone?
Giffgaff has designed the SIM card into three different sizes: standard, micro, and nano-SIM. Mostly, new phones accept a nano-SIM card. However, an old phone accepts micro and standard SIM cards. So, a Giffgaff SIM should be fit in your phone.
What if I am not willing to get a new handset?
No problem, for such users, Giffgaff brings SIM-Only deals. You can purchase only a 4G SIM card to use Giffgaff services.
What is a SIM-Only deal?
It allows you to use data volume, SMS, and minutes in one SIM. It doesn’t tie you down. You can change this plan anytime in the middle of the month. Moreover, you have the freedom to leave the plan anytime.
What happens when my plan ends?
If you have a sufficient balance in your account, it will automatically renew. However, if you don’t have the required balance, you need to top-up your account first, then get the plan again.