BT Landline Deals & International Call Offers

Besides BT broadband and BT TV offers, there are some very exciting offers for BT Landline users. These offers include incredibly affordable calling rates and some other incentives. BT also offers very attractive international calls in this category. Check details of these plans here.

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BT Landline Plans

Package Price 🏷️ Calls 🤙 Incentives Validity 📲
Pay As You Go £19.99/month 20p/min to UK landline/mobile Divert nuisance calls with BT Call Protect International add-ons 24 Months
500 Monthly £24.99/month 500 Min to UK landline/mobile Divert nuisance calls with BT Call Protect International add-ons 24 Months
Unlimited Monthly £31.99/month Unlimited min to UK landline/mobile Divert nuisance calls with BT Call Protect International add-ons 24 Months

BT International Calling Rates

BT offers affordable calling rates for more than 42 destinations worldwide. These calling rates are for all landline users. However, if you avail another option known as Friends & Family, you can get even more discount. Check below special international calling rates for landline users with/without Friends & Family option.

Country Price 🏷️ Friends & Family
Afghanistan 145.0p/min 48p/min
Australia (incl. Christmas Is. & Cocos Is.) 85p/min 6.0p/min
Austria 16p/min 6.0p/min
Bahrain 72.5p/min 48p/min
Bangladesh 22p/min 6.0p/min
Belgium 10p/min 6.0p/min
Czech Republic 16p/min 6.0p/min
Denmark 10p/min 6.0p/min
Egypt 72.5p/min 48p/min
Finland 10p/min 6.0p/min
France 16p/min 6.0p/min
Kazakhstan 65p/min 48p/min
Kenya 69p/min 48p/min
Korea PDR (North) 134p/min 96p/min
Korea Republic (South) 67p/min 6.0p/min
Kuwait 72.5p/min 48p/min
Lebanon 94.5p/min 48p/min
Libya 39.5p/min 48p/min
Malaysia 39.5p/min 12p/min
Philippines 67p/min 24p/min
Poland 10p/min 6.0p/min
Qatar 72.5p/min 48p/min
Russian Federation 48p/min 12p/min
Saudi Arabia 54p/min 48p/min
Senegal 91.5p/min 48p/min
Singapore 15p/min 48p/min
United Arab Emirates 54p/min 48p/min
USA 10p/min 6.0p/min
Vietnam 131.5p/min 48p/min
Pakistan 10p/min 6.0p/min
India 85p/min 6.0p/min
China 10p/min 6.0p/min
Malaysia 10p/min 48p/min
Canada 55p/min 6.0p/min
Indonesia 48p/min 48p/min

Terms & Conditions

  • You need a broadband connection to get landline discount rates.
  • Users can avail of multiple landline international calling plans at the same times.
  • International calling prices vary for landline and mobile numbers.
  • Line rental charges are included in prices.
  • You can avail of 500 Minutes/Unlimited Minutes plans by calling at 0845 and 0870 numbers.


Can I cancel a BT landline plan I have recently ordered?
You can cancel a BT landline order within 14 days. It doesn’t include BT TV service.
How can I check the coverage area?
Click here to open BT online coverage checker. Enter your landline number in the given box to find out whether a 4G or 3G network is available in your area or not.
When you will deliver my BT Hub?
It’s delivered within 24 hours. However, the Royal Mail delays sometimes and you get the delivery within 48 hours.
What is BT Halo?
It brings an unbreakable WiFi connection to keep you connected with your loved ones.
Is BT Halo a reliable internet connection for all family members?
Of course, it brings faster and uninterrupted internet services for your all family. BT offers a £100 money-back guarantee for it.
What are BT Add-ons?
With all landline plans, BT offers some useful Add-ons like Caller Display, Call Waiting, BT Answer 1571, and Friends & Family for International destinations.
How much is the cost to switch to BT landline?
If you are currently using BT Infinity, you won’t pay the installation fee for a landline. BT Broadband users will pay £30 for the installation of a new line. If you aren’t using a BT package, you will pay £60 on an existing line. For a new line, you pay £140.
How much is line rental?
For broadband and call packages, you pay £19.99/month line rental charges. If you don’t use broadband or a call package, you pay £21.99/month.
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