Unreal Mobile APN Settings for Android & iPhone [GSM & Premium LTE Compatible]

Unreal Mobile is a renowned wireless network and mobile carrier in the US. It is a sister concern of FreedomPop and comes with different APN settings. It covers 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE fields. Unreal Mobile covers Oregon and Nebraska in 4G LTE and Oregon, Nebraska, and Wyoming in 4G. However, the 3G wireless network of Unreal Mobile is widespread nationwide. It is available in almost all US states.

The frequencies of the Unreal Mobile network are different for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE.

2G Network Frequencies: CDMA-850, CDMA-1900

3G Network Frequencies: CDMA-850, CDMA-1900

4G Network Frequencies: LTE Band 25 1900, LTE Band 13 700, LTE Band 4 1700/2100, LTE Band 2 1900*

The frequencies for the 4G LTE network may vary countrywide.

Unreal Mobile APN Settings for Internet & MMS [Android]

Currently, Unreal Mobile supports only Samsung GSM and CDMA unlocked devices in Android phones. It does not support all Android devices. That’s why the users of Android phones need to get Unreal Mobile compatible handset from the Unreal Mobile site or franchise. If they want to use their current device, the device should be compatible with its wireless network services. Here are the APN values, you need to insert in your Samsung device to access the internet and MMS services of Unreal Mobile. If the settings do not work, reboot your mobile set once you save these settings.

Open “Settings on your phone.

Now, select the category “Mobile Networks” here.

Select the “Access Point Names” category from here.

Now tap “Add” and insert the following strings in the given fields.

Category Settings
APN Name UNREAL Mobile
APN unreal.com.attz
MMS proxy
MMS port
Authentication type
APN type default
APN protocol
APN roaming protocol
APN PPP phone number

Unreal Mobile APN Settings [iOS Devices]

For iOS Devices, you need to follow the settings given below.

Open “Settings” on your iPhone.

Select the “Cellular” category from there.

Now, “Enable” the cellular data before proceeding.

Tap the “Cellular Data Options” category

Select “Cellular Data Network.”

In this section select the “Cellular Data” option and add the following values in the relevant fields.

Category Settings
APN unreal.com.attz

Unreal Mobile APN Settings for MMS [iOS Devices]

Category Settings
APN unreal.com.attz
MMS Proxy
MMS Max Message Size 1048576
MMS UA Prof URL http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof/rdf

Unreal Mobile APN Settings (2) for Internet & MMS [iOS Devices]

An alternative way to get APN Settings for your iOS devices for Unreal Mobile is to visit the official website. You can get the required APN settings automatically.

Go to the Official site.

Click “Download APN Settings” there.

Select “iOS Device” from the list.

Download your desired APN settings for iPhone from here.

If your phone is password-protected, you need to add the password to download the settings.

Once, you receive the desired APN settings; restart your phone to apply the changes.

Enjoy using Unreal Mobile network services.


I am not sure whether I live in a covered area or not. Please specify to me how to check it?
You can check it by using the official site. Go to the “Coverage Map” on the site and see where you are located.
I am accessing the internet, but I am unable to use the MMS services. Why?
It may be due to the wrong MMS settings in your handset. Make sure; you don’t miss any comma, dot, or dash while entering the settings.
I am in a covered area, but I can't access the internet. Please help.
Check your handset and delete the previous APN settings if you find any.
Should I use different APN settings for Premium LTE SIM card of Unreal Mobile?
Of course, you will use a different set of APN settings for Premium LTE SIM card. Click here to download and install its official APN settings.
My GSM phone is not working. I have entered the accurate Unreal Mobile APN Settings, but it is not accessing the internet and MMS services.
It may be due to your phone’s compatibility. Another reason may be your phone is not unlocked. If you are using a locked device, you cannot use Unreal Mobile wireless services. A locked device means, if you were using the wireless services of any other internet service provider on your device, you need to get it unlocked from the same carrier first. Once, it is unlocked you can add new APN settings to it to use Unreal wireless services.
I am using an iPhone and I have inserted the accurate APN settings, but I cannot connect to the Unreal Mobile wireless services. What to do?
Check your phone first. If it is a locked device, you cannot use the internet on it by using Unreal Mobile services. Get it unlocked from your previous carrier. The second reason maybe you are using a CDMA device. CDMA device means you have bought it from Republic or Sprint Wireless. If it is so, your device will not work with Unreal Wireless services. You need to get a GSM mobile and it should be unlocked.
I am using an Android phone and it is a GSM compatible device. I have entered the desired APN settings to it, but I am unable to use the internet and MMS by Unreal Mobile. What should I do?
You need to check the coverage map first. It is important to know whether you are located in a covered area or outside of it. Second, you should recheck the APN settings. These are case-sensitive settings and you should enter the “UNREAL” as it is. You cannot enter it as “Unreal” or “unreal.” Third, you need to check the compatibility of your phone. All these factors can be the reason behind your problem.
I am in a covered area and my account is active, but my phone is still not accessing the internet services of Unreal Mobile. Please help me.
It may be due to your device activation. You need to check the activation of your device on the official site of Unreal. Unrealmobile.com/activate. If you possess a SIM card, enter its ICCID number to the given field. It will let you know the activation details.