FreeUP Mobile APN Settings for Android, Windows, iPhone & WiFi Dongle

Last updated on April 16th, 2021 at 03:31 pm

FreeUp mobile brings a revolutionary cellular-first wireless service to the top US GSM 4G LTE companies with the incredibly blazing speed of the internet. The services include not only the internet & MMS but also unlimited international calling. So, you do not need to download any free calling apps now. You also do not need to use VoIP calling services.

It brings 250 Talk/Text Plan for the users along with the Ultra-dependable Tier-1 GSM 4G LTE network. The LTE Data speed goes up to 50Mbps. Last but not least is that you can use the Global calling services and international calling plans at a minimum cost (only $15/month for more than 150 destinations).

FreeUp Mobile APN Settings [Android OS]

If you are using FreeUp Mobile Wireless services on your Android phone, you need to add some specific APN settings in your handset to access the internet and MMS services. These are case-sensitive settings. Use the strings in the right case to avoid a glitch in the future. If you see “PRODATA” string, it means you cannot use “Prodata” or “prodata” in the given field. You must use the string “PRODATA” into APN. The same is the case with other categories. Use the right strings. Make sure that you didn’t have missed a comma, capital letter, or a full stop anywhere in the settings. Use the steps below to add APN settings to your Android phone.

Open the “Settings” on your phone.

Go to the “More” category from here.

Now, open “Mobile Network” from the list of categories.

Tap “Access Point Names” and select “Add” from here. Now use the following strings in the given fields.

Category Settings
Name FreeUP Mobile
MMS proxy
MMS port 80
MCC 310
MNC 410
Authentication type Not Set
APN type default,mms,supl
APN protocol IPV4V6
APN roaming protocol IPV4
Enable/disable APN APN Enabled
Bearer Unspecified
MVNO type None
MVNO Value Not set

FreeUP Mobile APN Settings [iOS Devices]

If you want to use the FreeUP Mobile wireless services on your iOS Device, you cannot use the above APN Settings. The APN configuration for iOS devices is a bit different. See below the settings you need to add to your iOS device.

Go to the “Settings” in your iPhone/iPad or another iOS device.

Open the “Cellular” category from here.

Tap the “Cellular Data Network” from here.

Select the “APN” and add the new APN configurations to it.

Category Settings

Leave the LTE Setup (Optional)fields blank. Don’t put any value into APN, Username, and Password fields.

FreeUP Mobile APN Settings for MMS [iOS Devices]

Now, you need to move to the MMS section in the Settings. Make sure, your cellular data is enabled. Add the following configurations to the given fields.

Category Settings
MMS Proxy
MMS Max Message Size 1048576

FreeUP Mobile APN Settings for Internet & MMS [Windows OS]

The users of Windows phones need to add particular APN settings to their handsets. Delete the previously existing APN settings in your phone otherwise, the new settings will also not work. Follow the steps below to add the new APN Settings to your Windows phone.

Tap “Settings” on your phone

Open the “Network & Wireless” category.

Now, you need to select the “Cellular & SIM Settings” category from here.

Here, you will see “Add Internet APN.” Tap this option to add new configurations to access the internet and MMS services.

Category Settings
Profile Name Internet
User name
Type of sign-in info None
IP type IPv4
Enable Type your Mobile operator here
Proxy server (URL)
Proxy port

FreeUP Mobile APN Settings for Internet & MMS [WiFi Dongle]

The users of WiFi Dongle with FreeUP Mobile, can use the following APN configurations in their handsets.

Category Settings
Profile Name Internet
Access number *99#
User name


Should I re-enter APN settings if I use Factory Reset option in my mobile phone?
Yes, every time you use the Factory Reset option, you will re-enter the relevant APN settings.
DoesFreeUp Mobile support Blackberry handsets?
No, currently, it doesn’t support Blackberry handsets.
I have created the accurate APN settings in my Android handset, but I am unable to access the internet sometimes.
It may be due to the outdated version. Install updates in your handset to refresh the system and check.
Can I change my current plan without paying an additional fee?
Yes, you can change the plan anytime without paying an additional fee.
What if I change my current handset?
If you change the handset, you will create new APN settings in it.
I put the relevant APN settings to my unlocked GSM handset. It is accessing the internet, but not accessing MMS services. Please help.
Check your MMS settings. If you find an error, reset the MMS section. There may be some wrong values or something missing.
How should I know whether my handset is compatible with 4G services?
When you switch on the data, it will show a 4G icon on the phone’s status bar.
Can I share data volume with my friends?
No, you can’t share data or other resources with friends.