SPAWC 2015 - The 16th International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications, June 28 - July 1, Stockholm.

Submission Instructions

Poster Formatting Instructions

All papers will be presented as posters in various poster sessions.

The posters can be either portrait (preferred) or landscape, with a maximum size of A0.

Possibility to print the poster on-site at KTH

If you are interested in printing your posters on-site, the US-AB printing shop is located at KTH campus. The shop is in the same building as the lunch restaurant and open Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00. The file to be printed should be in PDF format. For further information and quotation requests, please contact the US AB on telephone number +46-8-790 74 00 or email Payment is by credit card in their shop.

Camera-ready Paper Submission

Before uploading your final manuscript in EDAS, try to take the reviewer comments into account and proof-read and spell-check the document carefully.

Please use the IEEE PDF eXpress® Plus service to ensure that your paper is IEEE Xplore®-compatible:

  1. Go to the IEEE PDF eXpress® site
  2. Login or use "New Users - Click here" to create a new IEEE PDF eXpress® account, entering basic contact information; get confirmation of account creation email.
  3. When asked for the Conference ID, you need to provide the string 35015X
  4. Upload a PDF for Checking or source file(s) for Conversion; get email confirmation of file receipt. Submitted PDFs are Checked for IEEE Xplore®-compatibility; source file(s) are Converted to IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDFs.
  5. If a PDF is submitted: you will receive an email stating that PDF Passed or Failed the Check. If the PDF fails, a PDF Check report is attached to the email.
    If source files are submitted: you will receive the IEEE PDF eXpress®-generated PDF as an attachment, and through your IEEE PDF eXpress® account. Review the PDF to ensure that it views correctly on screen and prints as you intended.
  6. If necessary, revisions may be submitted (PDF or source); return to Step 4. Detailed instruction for the check procedure can be found here.
  7. When you have an acceptable, IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDF, submit this final PDF to EDAS. To upload the IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDF of the final paper, please log into EDAS, enter your account and select "My papers" in the menu bar . Then, click on the "upload manuscript" icon of the paper you want to upload and follow the instructions.

The electronic copyright form will appear in a few days, but you can already now upload your final manuscript in EDAS.

Paper Formatting Instructions

Paper Submission

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