Download Zanti For Android and Windows [No Root]

With the changing trends in the IT world, the threats are increasing day by day which has compromised the security of sensitive data. But, with the application we are going to tell you about, you do not need to worry about anything. ZANTI is the mobile kit application that allows the IT managers or administrators to stimulate the attackers to find viruses and malware that they use to put the corporate information and network on stake. This application will make sure that all the information is safe from hackers.

Zanti File Information

App Name Zanti APK
App Version v2.5.2
Last updated Sep 10, 2019
App size 16.4 MB
Developers Zimperium

Table of Contents

Download Zanti

Zanti Features

We have listed down the important features of the application to let the users know why this application is good for their IT security use. Have a look!

  • The application has immense scanning options with different intensity levels in order to identify the malware in connected devices and the risks they have at a vulnerable state
  • This application helps the security and IT officers to identify the business’ network effectively and help diagnose the risks with a single click which reflects its efficiency
  • The application generates a report which allows the users to make appropriate decisions according to the viruses written in the report
  • The installation and downloading process is easy as the application is easily available on Google Play Store
  • The setup is very easy and does not require any expertise
  • The application offers an effective and efficient diagnosis
  • The reports are well-written which means that IT officers can make effective decisions

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