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Download Wattpad For Mac, Pc & Windows [New Version]

Wattpad is an application that allows users to read and download enormous books on their Android mobiles or tablets. (If you are going to read the book, go for tablet as it has a bigger screen) The library feature of this application has gathered over 10 million free books for the reading freaks and the categories range from suspense, romance, comedy, mystery, fantasy, sci-fic, and much more. The downloadable books include Paulo Coelho’s short stories as well as the hunger games or the work of Margaret Atwood. The application allows the users to read the books even when offline and with no internet connectivity standards. There are many other features which we have listed down.

Download Wattpad File Information

Wattpad Features:

The long list of features that we have written is a treat for every book reader geek as this application allows them access to books for no charges. Have a look at the features!

  • The voting feature allows the users to appreciate the people who wrote the story
  • When users vote for a book, the book with most votes are added in the recommended list of the specific genre
  • The application syncs with the mobile application so that the users can read books even when there is no internet available
  • The application also allows the writing enthusiasts to write their heart out or the stories they want the Wattpad community to read. It also helps them build an online portfolio
  • The writing analytics option allows the application to make recommendations for the writing to make it more appealing

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