Top 10 Best Bluestacks Alternatives for Windows and Mac 2019

Bluestacks is the android emulator which helps the users run android application on the PC. It was developed keeping in mind the demands for an application running on the PC and Mac. With this tool, you can easily have the Android application usage on the PC without any issue. But sometimes, people look for the Bluestacks Alternatives of Bluestacks and you are here for that as well! Keep on reading for the best Bluestacks Alternatives! There are many alternatives out there but some of them might not be compatible with your PC but with this list of alternatives, the applications will run smoothly on your PC or Mac. Have a look!

Andy Emulator

It is the second best tool for Android emulating which helps the users use their Android applications on the PC. It is an amazing and lightweight software which has a very user-friendly interface. The user interface is not very complex and you do not need to have much expertise in order to understand the software working. The understanding process will not take more than 5 minutes. The lightweight of this software allows the running of as many applications as you want without a lagging issue.

Other than that, one other cool feature of Andy Emulator allows the users to control and manage the PC screen through the mobile phone. This emulator is mostly used for gaming purposes at the moment.


This android emulator has been developed for gamers. With this emulator in your system, you can download and install literally every application you want. This emulator can be used by PC as well as Mac users. The emulator has an amazing gaming interface which ensures the mind-blowing gaming experience. This emulator can easily be used by using a mouse, gamepad, and even a keyboard. With this emulator, gaming features such as volume and location can be controlled efficiently. With the list of such features, it may lag your PC a bit but overall it is a good emulator.


This android emulator was just launched and got so famous that their developers got amazed. The main reason behind its popularity is its efficient working and unique style. This android emulator has gained immense popularity in gamers especially. The main reason we are listing the best gaming android emulators is that we have acknowledged the thing that if the heavy games can work smoothly other applications will work alright as well.

When it got launched, it got famous in the PUBG fans but if observed, it is good for every game out there.


QEMU is also known as Quick emulator and open source software which has been serving as an amazing bluestack alternative. They have recently developed its Linux version for your PC. The best thing about this emulator is that it can be downloaded for free and users do not have to pay anything.


This android emulator was also developed keeping in mind the needs of gamers but it didn’t gain any popularity. That does not mean that it is not a good one. The reason I have included this emulator in this best alternatives list is that it has a lot of features that are similar to the bluestacks emulator. This emulator can be controlled by using a mouse, keyboard, and other controllers.

This emulator can be easily downloaded and installed as the process does not require any technical expertise. Even the people with no technical knowledge can use and download this emulator.


This Android developer with this too techie name is developed especially for the developers to test their application on the PC. The most amazing thing is that it can help the developers test more than one version of the same application. With this emulator, users can develop a virtual machine where all the testing can be done easily. This android emulator is a must have for you if you are a developer or even if you are looking for the bluestack alternative.


Youwave was recently launched and it got itself included in the bets alternatives list. This emulator is very easy to use and so is its installation and downloading process. The only limitation in this android emulator is that it is available for Windows PC only. However, its developers are working on developing it for Mac and Linux OS as well. With this amazing emulator, you can even save all your important data and view it later. It makes things easier for you by offering a search feature for all the data.

Other than that, last but not least, this emulator comes with the most recent Android version.


The name may sound weird but the emulator itself is very much fine. The emulator comes with the most recent version of Android which makes sure that the users have an amazing yet smooth experience. The light weightiness of this emulator has caused it to be on the top of charts which is why it has been declared as an alternative for Bluestacks.

The developers of this emulator have given the potential users good news by making it free for the first whole month aka trial. Once the month ends, you will have to pay for this android emulator if you want to keep using it. This is not all because the paid version of the emulator has some amazing features which will sweep you off your feet.


In case you are looking for the most lightweight android emulator, this is the one for you. However, this emulator is not a good option for games but it works well with other Android applications. For example, with this emulator, you can choose to use WhatsApp on your laptop. Just imagine the thumbs to be cursor and the touchpad of the laptop to be the home screen and you are good to go to have amazing Android experience on your PC or laptop. This android emulator is completely free of cost and anyone can use it by just simply downloading it.

Remix OS Player

This android emulator comes with the Android version 6.0 also known as the marshmallow version. The emulator allows other basic but important features such as a battery, location, volume, and Google Play Store. The most excellent thing about this emulator is that it is very stable and provides a stabilized experience.

So, this was all about the Best Bluestacks alternatives which you can use if bluestack is not working for you. Have a good android experience on your computer! Have a good day!


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